Raspberry Pi OS 64bit Lite for DevTerm CM4 - image file

I’m glad you find it useful!


CUPS printing, fan daemon, keyboard firmware) are packaged for Debian-based distros.

Yeah, I know about those; the Debian-centric part is somewhat painful.

Probably the Arch and Manjaro images you mention are the ones made for A0406 DevTerms

Oh, yeah, you are right. Apologies. It was for the A06 and from yatli, he’s around the forum a lot: GitHub - yatli/arch-linux-arm-clockworkpi-a06: Arch Linux ARM for the ClockworkPi DevTerm A06 . (Most of the time someone has done something like that, either yatli or emutyworks will be somewhere in the thread, often the person that did it. emutyworks is trying to get FreeBSD running on the R01: Home · emutyworks/DevTerm-R01 Wiki · GitHub .)

which in theory shouldn’t feel so difficult but for me it is

Haha, I feel exactly the same way, that’s why I was asking: it looks like it shouldn’t be difficult and it seems like most people think it’s relatively obvious stuff, but I feel like I’m missing something (especially around booting), so I ask around a little. Fan and printer support aside, I’ll be happy if I can get it to boot and turn on the screen, at least at that point it’s easier to debug without clipping resistors off the Ext board ( DevTerm R-01 Ext Board UART is read only? - #2 by smaeul ).

Edit: I did manage to get Slackware on the R01 to work properly and have been running it since: Slackware image for DevTerm R01 - #5 by 1337p337