Reicast standalone

So I saw there was already a thread related to a retroarch core (Anyone got reicast to work? Jet Set Radio Future), but I just tried to build reicast from the sources at:

It compiled ok, and the resulting binary runs, but seems to have a GL error.

DISPLAY=:0 ./nosym-reicast.elf

Config dir is: /home/cpi/.config/reicast/
Data dir is: /home/cpi/.local/share/reicast/
Personality: 00C00000
Updated personality: 00800000
ARM VFP-Run Fast (NFP) enabled !
Linux paging: 4096 00001000 00000FFF
Info: nvmem is enabled, with addr space of size 512MB
Info: p_sh4rcb: 0x91bf0000 virt_ram_base: 0x95cf0000

GLX: Found 8 matching FB configs.
GLX: Chosen visual ID = 0x21
RendIF: renderer (auto): main: gl41 fallback: gles
GLX: Open GL 4.3 not supported
GLX: init OK
Warning: OpenGL version doesn’t support per-pixel sorting.
RendIF: Renderer gl41 did not initialize. Falling back to gles.
GLX: Open GL 4.3 not supported
GLX: init OK
OpenGL version: 3.1 Mesa 18.3.6
Screen DPI is 96, size 0 x 0. Scaling by 1.00
X Error of failed request: BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes)
Major opcode of failed request: 72 (X_PutImage)
Serial number of failed request: 54
Current serial number in output stream: 56

Just wondering if this is to be expected, because of the Lima drivers, or if there might be a way to get it working? Thanks!

I don’t believe that clockworkpi can run dreamcast emulation. Even with a perfect lima driver working.

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Yeah, I wasn’t expecting anything close to full speed either, but it would have been fun to see something come up at all. The resolution alone would make it pretty terrible, even if it did work and could be scaled to 320x240.

(Now I’d just be happy to get my old system working again. I posted this before I realized I didn’t have Lima working under Buster.)

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