Running ScummVM games on RetroArch

What am I doing wrong? Please, need help.
My example Day of the Tentacle:

  • Game is in /home/cpi/games/SCUMMVM/Day of the Tentacle/
  • .scummvm is in /home/cpi/games/SCUMMVM/Day of the Tentacle/Day of the Tentacle.scummvm (text inside is “tentacle”)
  • .sh is in /home/cpi/launcher/Menu/GameShell/22_SCUMMVM/ (inside “retroarch -L /home/cpi/apps/emulators/ /home/cpi/games/SCUMMVM/Day of the Tentacle/Day of the Tentacle.scummvm”)
  • is in /home/cpi/apps/emulators

Question is why shortcut leads me not to game but to scummvm launcher? Is it how it works? Or I made a mistake?
Thanks in advance!

Now that Brutal Doom work under OS 0.5 I would love to see ScummVM work also.
But everything I tried failed…
Did someone succeed under OS 0.5 ?

It works for me except proper controls. I think something wrong with the control scheme, maybe because scumm uses controller as controller + mouse and here are some issues…

Have you applied the arduino mouse patch?
Also I’m guessing you’re using the Retroarch core? I’ve considered building the standalone, seeing as it comes standard on Debian desktop releases.

No, how can can I do this? and yes I use RA core

While I haven’t used it for ScummVM (yet), when I used the mouse patch for various box86 games, I noticed that it really only maps the A and B buttons to left and right mouse click and the d-pad to mouse. That works well, but based on my testing, it didn’t map the other buttons to anything at all. One of the things on my ever growing Gameshell to-do list is to take a look at that code and see if I can get the other buttons mapped to something. Since the mouse mode is already a toggle, I’m thinking the other buttons should not be set to their usual defaults, but to other, so far unused, buttons on the Gameshell. That way the toggle would not only active mouse mode, but would also allow for other buttons to be used, perhaps for the benefit of games that usually rely on a keyboard with lots of buttons. I’m not sure how playable (or memorable) the button assignments would be, but that thread about roguelikes gave me the idea. Plus, having unmapped buttons in mouse mode just seems weird!

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Well good news. Looks like you can run the native scummvm. I haven’t had time to try more than just executing it. Just thought I’d report in.

Here you go, re: mouse.
Modify the Keypad firmware to simulate the mouse.修改键盘固件来模拟鼠标

@javelinface Thanks!

Hello again from this post:)
I made everything that you mentioned in your “Custom D.E.O.T” thread:

And I have some issues, and maybe you can help me with it…
Firstly besides Y+O+H+L combination to quit, when I press Y it’s also quit scumm, and I can’t understand why…
And secondly, wouldn’t it be possible to just assign f5 to Y+O+H+L combination or better to “U” during mouse mode? It still gonna be possible to quit SCUMMVM through menu system and it will resolve problem with control scheme

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Having Y quit is very strange indeed! You can see my exact code, and it doesn’t have Y mapped to anything. Potentially, there may be another binding from another app present.

Heck, I would absolutely LOVE to have F5 mapped to something within the mouse mod. I’ll have to look into how to actually program the arduino. I can’t say I’ve taken the plunge “yet”. A new project! :smiley:

On that note, I have no idea why I didn’t just think of doing that, re: just having the HOLY key combo pointing to F5! I was just thinking of a universal script at the time to kill any app, and just had that on my mind! I’ll have a look into that now!

BTW, I did it all on freshly installed OS 0.5. I did nothing about sound istalls with zdoom and still everything works ok. And If I remove .bindscummvm LHOY and Y combinations stop to work, I obviously understand why it happens with LHOY combination, but Y also stops working I have no idea…

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It sounds like it could be an internal key stroke command from within SCUMMVM itself! Perhaps in one of the later builds, since you’re installing via apt-get, they have bound Y to a quit button for similar reasons? But then again, the fact that it doesn’t do that when you remove the binding baffles me!

This possibly comes down to the syntax used being erroneous; only accepting the last input key within the chord.

I know that while in the “menu” of Scumm VM, ie choosing games, pushing the menu key quits. But in that case it’s simulating an ESC key.

I’m definitely going to look into this more!

@podmaz - I can’t for the life of me find my USB-OTG cable! I also don’t have any Bluetooth keyboards right now that work. Argh!
Could you do me a favour? In a terminal window, run the following:

export DISPLAY=:0

And then with a keyboard attached to the gameshell, could you push the F5 key, and then paste the output?

@javelinface sorry, but I also have no keyboard unfortunatly:(

Haha! Whoops how silly. I just remembered what the expected output for F5 is.
It’s “F5” lol. I was so caught up with the gameshell giving strange outputs, I forgot it was actually a keyboard that it was expecting! HAHAH!

Anyway. Here we go.

First of all, install xdotool.

sudo apt-get install xdotool

Now, we can add to the .bindscummvm file a little mapping change button like so:

"killall scummvm && xdotool && xbindkeys --defaults > ~/.xbindkeysrc && killall xbindkeys"
l + h + o + y + Release

"xdotool key F5"
space + Release

This makes the Select button remapped to the F5 key. Was select used before? I forget. Either way, map it to whatever you want, and you should be good! :smiley: I still have no idea why shift + “Y” (both in SNES pad layout, and translated keyboard push) quits.

That said, keep the top half of the xbindkeys file. You will still need to return things to defaults, so that space doesn’t end up permanently being mapped to F5 for other applications that don’t need it. Maybe even go so far as to only quitting using the HOLY key stroke (Shift + ABXY).

I should totally coin that term :wink:

See how that goes! (dangit, now I have another thing to add to the custom image I’ve made! I’ll make a note of it!)

Great! Thanks again, I’ll try it asap.

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Btw just confirming - ScummVM is running with all music/sounds etc? I’ve only tested it with Monkey island 1 and 2: Talky Editions. It would be good to know, for future people installing it. I was sure that we’d have to install some kind of midi libraries etc. There should be A LOT OF music!

All my games run ok. For example I tested monkey island VGA and CD versions both works and sound great. I can’t guarantee that everything works. But if you want me to check some specific game for sound just let me know.

PS: I changed bindscummvm to:

“killall scummvm && xdotool && xbindkeys --defaults > ~/.xbindkeysrc && killall xbindkeys”
y + Release

“xdotool key F5”
o + Release

And it is very convenient now, all shortcuts on ABXY buttons

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I love it! Might as well just make it ‘y’ as the kill key, seeing as the key mash was basically redundant! I’m fairly sure that ‘o’ isn’t used either, especially since it’s using the shift keys.
I’ll have to look into the scummvm documentation again, but I’m fairly sure that we could also map other unused gameshell keys to other functions within scummVM, eg, save, load, text speed, etc. I can’t remember if these had keyboard counterparts or not; but I think they did?
Anyway, just add an extra line for each bit of syntax you want to add following the same formatting :).

I personally find that the standalone scummVM works a lot “easier” than the retroarch version, simply due to the interface size when in the menus. It’s much better suited to the smaller gameshell screen. It also reminds me of the scummVM I used to use on my computer back when I was in high school. :slight_smile:

Yes, it is. RA scummvm would be better if it had no issues with control scheme and good resolution

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