SBC tray 3D Print for cooling?

So 1 of 2 mods I always wanted to do to the gSH was opening the back panel up where the SBC sits for more Cooling since its so closed up. A drill press was the only way I thought I could do it and I didn’t think I could execute it gracefully enough to try it. Since we have access to all the STL files, has anyone thought about designing that back lid of the SBC with holes to let a little bit of air in? At first glance I saw the honeycombed case on thingiverse and thought it was for the SBC tray but after closer inspection it was for the battery tray. Something like that (Holes, honeycomb, something) that let a tiny bit of fresh air in would be awesome.

Taking that even a step further, having a square opening right above the actual CPU so maybe you can stick on a copper heatsink that would just poke out above the top of the case would be killer too.

I think a tiny copper heat sink plus a perforated tray would do wonders for this little handheld.

Anyone know of anything like this out there that I have not been able to find?

One day I will have 3D modeling skills and a printer…

So I don’t have great design skills (just started learning last week) but I do know that making holes into an stl file is easy. You can go to tinker cad and add holes to any design… That’s the extent of my knowledge with 3d design.

If you need help, if you link the stl file and I can check it out.

No promises :stuck_out_tongue: