Gameboy emulation - Video output is cut off like 1/5th of the screen?

Im getting a weird video cut off issue with Gameboy / gbc games.

GBA works fine but those, cut off the right side of the video partly.

not sure why. Tried gembattle and mgba, same issue.

I’ve had the same issues with several emulators. Sometimes it is the right side cut off, other t imes it is part of the b ottom that is cut off.

If you are using the lima driver, then this is a known issue. Gambatte-libretro aspect error with lima driver in v0.3 OS

Same thing with OS 0.4. But is it gonna be fixed? Is problem in software or in hardware?

Possible solution is here if someone interested: GameShell OS image files (v0.4 latest)

Careful. I wouldn’t recommend anyone install the Debian 10 update unless they know what they’re doing. As far as I know, it isn’t something that will fix this issue. It could even break things, since the Gameshell OS 0.4 was built on an earlier version.