Scrolling Game List Speed

Is there a way to change the speed of scrolling when holding the down button? I have a tons of games in my NES folder and scrolling is way too slow… Please don’t tell me to use Favs…

I upgraded to 1.25 and its better but it should become faster after a few seconds and show big letters while scrolling like A…B…C etc. Like on RetroPie.

Perhaps having multiple directories for ROMS per console could have a similar effect. Eg, NES A-M, NES N-Z.

If you load content via the retroarch interface, that should let you scroll faster using L/R or shift + Y/X.

Alternatively, you can use the same interface as RetroPie, installing Emulation Station. Besides the RetroPie menu that’s used to alter the raspberry pi’s parameters, update dependencies/drivers etc, it will be practically the same.