ScummVM Inter device

Hey there,

Will there be a possibility to use scummvm? Would Love to Play the old Monkey Island.

And what about Heroes of might and Magic III?

On the FAQ on their Kickstarter page, the question “What softwares should I run, and how to install games on GameShell?” they state that for emulation software, “[they] cannot discuss in detail upon the advice of legal counsel,” so there’s likely not going to be an answer from Clockwork on this question.

SCUMMVM will run for sure.

For old windows game, don’t expect too much. In fact even for SCUMM games, there is an important factor to not forget: the screen resolution of the GameShell.

Also the control, a game like HOMM (not sure if the third still had a dos version) you play it with keyboard and mouse. You have neither in the GameShell.

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