Running Sega CD and other .cue Games


Hey all, I’ve been searching for answers in past threads but I could not find an answer to my problem. I cannot get any Sega CD or other .cue based games to run. I have my bios installed, but the system is not recognizing the .cue to load the game and only shows .zip and .bin. I also have my action file configured to see .cue, but they do not register in the GS main menu or within the RetroArch app.

I can get this all to run through RetroArch on my PC so I know the roms, cores and bios work…

What am I doing wrong?


edit the action.config file and add cue.


I had done that already with my initial set up, but I reviewed it in case.

…now I feel like a dork because as I was reviewing my files i realized the .cue of the game I was testing had somehow vanished… I put it back and it was working as expected. :sweat_smile:

Thank you all for your help.


Which core are you using for SegaCd, and where did you put the bios? I kinda gave up when i tried earlier.


I would need to ssh into my gameshell to tell you which one (my internet has been buggy), but I’m sure it’s PicoDrive.
As far as the bios, I made a folder in the retroarch directory and named it “system” and dropped the bios in there.

Hope that helps!