Sega cd how to get it to work with picodrive?

I put my iso ROMs in the games picodrive folder, games pop up, but won’t load, what do I do?

It’s not enough info to help you. What roms (extention)? Which folder you put them? Which picodrive you using (standalone or retroarch core)?

Iso extension for all my ROMs

I put them in home/cpi/games/Picodrive

The retroarch core


You need to put bios files into home/cpi/apps/emulators/bios (if you using os 0.4 if earlier version into home/.config/retroarch/bios). Bios names should be as mentioned here:
If it won’t work for you then you should use standalone version of picodrive and put bios files into home/cpi/.picodrive

Alright sounds good thank you, where do I get the bios?


google it: sega cd bios

Alright I did and I got these

Would I just rename them to what the link that you gave me?


You need to rename files according to names in the link I sent (and don’t mess up with regions, if bios is US then it should be renamed “bios_CD_U.bin” and so on with other regions). And just test them all.

Yeah none of them work, it’s all good, I give up, thank you for helping out


try standalone version. It works…

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Yeah got it to work on Stand-alone, thank you :pray:

Quick question, where would I put the audio files?

Same folder as iso file

Alright so for example just put all this together in a Terminator file, within the games/SEGA-CD? @podmaz

Yes, this is correct I think. I only have 1 game with mp3 and it have 1 file only, but it works for me. So, I think its correct.

Ok I made a file with the iso with mp3s but the music still doesn’t play


I suppose you need to have .cue file for game which includes music tracks info. But I just tried it and doesn’t work. Maybe somone else can help?

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I appreciate the honesty, but who do you think can help?

I’ve never tried it, but research indicates that it may not support MP3.

No mention of MP3 here:

Seems to confirm that it doesn’t support MP3 (at least in 2013):

And yet, in 2012, someone supposedly got it to work with a cue (example in thread):

There’s probably more information out there just waiting to be googled, but that’s what I found in a few seconds. :wink:

So, basically turn the mp3 files to wav?