Red Gameshell for Sale

Looking to sell my Gameshell. I’m open to any reasonable offers. It is already built, red for the front shell, grey for the back shell, comes with the light key module as well. I can post pictures later today as well if anyone is interested

You might want to give people an idea of cost and also your location. GLWS.

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Good point!

I’m from Canada. I will pay for shipping but my selling price will depend on the buyers location.

How much would I pay if I’m in the UK???

I would have to check on shipping cost to there but I would do it for probably 80 dollars US?

I live in Ontario. Throw a price at me, son

I am interested. How much for shipping to Wisconsin? I’ll cover shipping if needed

100$ Canadian including the shipping I would do.

I would sell it for 80 US dollar including shipping. Let me know if you want pictures or to know anything else.

Is this item still for sale?? if so i’m interested in purchasing it i’m in NYC thanks!

I’m from Singapore, interested in getting it!

Sorry I have already sold the Gameshell