Sequencer/synth/DAW for gameshell?

Just ordered my gameshell from amazon :slight_smile: does anyone know of any music creation tools for it, maybe similar to LSDJ etc. If not, is there interest in that type of software? I feel like this device is the perfect opportunity for some fun music creation on the go.


You can actually run LSDJ on a GameBoy emulator! Nanoloop as well.

Check this thread (8bit music on gameshell) where these and more tools are talked about :slight_smile:

Not perfect for the Gameshell itself, but work reasonably well in “desktop” mode:

Not a DAW per-se, but more of a reasonably complete Synth + Tracker.

Apart from that, in handheld more, probalby not a lot, especially in “native” software

Have you successfully installed sunvox on your GS? Can’t get it to work.

I personally never tried, but it was running on (Pocket)CHIP so it should work on the GameShell