Mp3 music player

Hi – Loving my clockwork pi so far. I’m having trouble getting the music player to work, however. Things I have tried:

(1) Adding mp3s, oggs, and wavs to the ~/music folder
(2) Creating m3u playlists in ~/.mpd/
(3) Adding the mpg123 plugin to mpd (via ~/.mpd.conf) and restarting mpd

Hopefully, I’m just missing something obvious. Can anyone advise?

I found that restarting the launcher usually makes the songs appear in the player after adding to the folder, but I have not tested on 0.4. if that does not correct the issue advise and i’ll fiddle around and see what I can figure out.

actually just tried on 0.4 and i didnt even need to reload the UI. maybe the issue is that you default to playlist view. if you press RIGHT it will change to file view and you can add the files to the playlist from there.

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Oh, jeez, click R did it. Then I could see the files and add them to the default playlist. The funky UI tripped me up. Thanks!

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I’m not a huge fan of the GameShell mp3 player. It could use a little work on the UI and feature completeness.

you just need to put you music files into ~/music

then go to the Music Player in Launcher
Press Right -> to the Music Library page
then Press X to scan
you will see the new files

then Press A to add to Playlist


I completely agree so I took the insane idea of making my own and currently have a from scratch SDL2 interface which is complete rubbish and doesnt work well but its a start :slight_smile: