LittleGPTracker (a.k.a 'The piggy')

I know that with all the new shiny devices there’s not a lot of discussion going around GameSH>, but let’s give it a try :slight_smile:
I’m currently investigating if it’s possible to compile LittleGPTracker on the GameShell, which is LSDJ-like music tracker, but sample based. It seems like a great fit for the GS, it’s known to run on the RPi, Pocket Chip and other portable consoles, but unfortunately there’s not a lot of documentation on building this thing from source.
So far my first attempts in building it failed (full disclosure: I’m not good at this stuff, lol), but I’ll keep this thread updated if I’ll have some progress, and if somebody wants to join me on this quest you are more than welcome :slight_smile:
Here’s the source code for those who are interested, who knows, maybe it might be also interesting for DevTerm and uConsole folks


I’ve got it running!
I didn’t succeed in building it from the source, but I found out that after some tweaking a version built for PocketChip runs just fine, and it was easier than I thought.
I found CHIP version in this forum. And here’s a download link.
I also downloaded the Debian version from the official website to have all the samples and demo song, and put it all in /games/Linux/lgpt (and lgpt.picochip-exe into bin folder inside).
Since GS key mapping is not really standard, you’ll also need to add a config.xml with the following content into the same folder as executable

	<KEY_A value="j" />
	<KEY_B value="k" />
	<KEY_LEFT value="left" />
	<KEY_RIGHT value="right" />
	<KEY_UP value="up" />
	<KEY_DOWN value="down" />
	<KEY_LSHOULDER value="h" />
	<KEY_RSHOULDER value="l" />
	<KEY_START value="return" />
	<KEY_SELECT value="space" />

Now you can create a launcher shortcut and it should work. But there’s a catch, you won’t be able to quit and return to the main menu, so here’s a little hack that I’ve discovered while exploring how to run SamplerBox.
You’ll need to install xbindkeys

sudo apt install xbindkeys

Crate a file (let’s name it lgpt-quit-bind) with the binding to the menu button to kill LGPT (preferably also in the same folder as executable) with the following content

"killall lgpt.picochip-exe && killall xbindkeys"

and run it each time before you launch lgpt, basically by adding another line to the launch script, so it’ll look something like this

xbindkeys -f /path/to/lgpt-quit-bind

That’s it, now you should be ready to rock the parties with some tracker music!


Bonus: Menu icons

heads up! there’s a new fork with some updates which can actually be built on GS (o-release-candidate branch for now). you can clone the branch to your gs, and then build it from the projects folder with make PLATFORM=RASPI

and as a bonus here’s a short example of what it can do (although it was recorded with previous version, but it doesn’t matter)


amazing! Just want to ask how to install it? I am a bit of a rookie.

I guess its better to start from the previous version if you never built anything from source.
Instructions in this post should get you started. Let me know if you get stuck somewher