Shaders on Retroarch? It is possible?

Hello everyone!

I’m looking into options on improving how Gameboy games look on the GameShell. I’m currently using 0.3 with the Lima driver and the Gambatte core.

I stumbled upon this:


I’ve tried loading a Gameboy game and opening the quick menu following this guide with no luck.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hi -

Since shaders use GPU calls, my guess is that this won’t be possible at the moment in Clockwork - of course it could be possible to run the whole lot in software emulation, but it will be very slow

Thread here

A link to OpenGL ES overview here

I already tried this and it’s veeeery sloooow ^^

Thanks, that’s what I imagined!

Related question: Do you know a way to make Gameboy games look sharper?

Non-integer scaling is not an option because pixels look wrong.


Il also tried with some overlay but it’s the same deal…

Build retroarch from source and then set the video filter to normal2x. The result is sharp pixels instead of blurry pixels without changing the look.
See here:

Thank you Pixelpunker! This is exactly what I was looking for. Funny thing is I compiled and installed it with no issues, only to get it display a single frame on Gambatte… to then a frozen screen forever.

Sorry if this is asking for too much help… but I already tried a dozen of things, including:

  • Deleting all previously downloaded cores.
  • Deleting the retroarch configuration folder.
  • Pulling an snapshot of 1.7.3 and compiling/installing again, just in case the latest version was troublesome.
  • Tried no configuration override for Gambatte.
  • Checking the newly downloaded cores are actually from the “neon” source.

What’s really strange to me:

  • The sdl2 vídeo driver just hangs retroarch to death, even when launching it solo from the main menu. Black screen. Nothing. Got to kill the process.
  • Using gl at least launches it. I can fully interact with the menu, but that’s it. Retroarch still freezes when attempting to load a game with the Gambatte core.
  • This is exactly the opposite of what happened with the retroarch bundled in 0.3 in which gl would not work at all (!!).

I don’t know what to do!
Thanks for your help!

PS: That preciously rendered frame was perfect, totally worth it so I can play it like that.

Make sure main video driver is set to Lima.
Don‘t launch the core from the retroarch menu. Create a launcher shortcut with the gambatta core by copying and modifying action.config
From time to time it will still freeze. Reset your gameshell and try again.

I ended up flashing 0.3 all over again. It works now! Thank you! :smiley:

thanks for your suggestion this help me to solve my issue regards