Slim profile Micro HDMI Adapter?

Hello - wondering if anyone can recommend a good/cheap micro HDMI adapter for use with GameShell? It seems there’s not much clearance for the end of the adapter, so just wondering if anyone has found one that fits. Thank you!

I don’t know the exact model number, but this belkin one fits the bill.
I had it lying around since the raspberry pi zero announcement days. The adaptor allows the head to be used with the other mid sized HDMI plugs.

This is slim enough to be used with another USB micro cable, that just so happens to be belkin. I’m not a huge belkin fanboy. It’s just, at my local appliance store, when they can’t lower the price any more, they will often throw in cables and stuff for free to sweeten the deal. These so happened to be my “freebie” cables. They work. I can’t comment on the price since they were free, but seeing as they were given away, I can’t imagine they would cost much.

Thanks so much! Really appreciate the info, will keep a lookout for that guy. Thanks again.

got this one it work fine

Thanks @r043v much appreciated!