How to use Micro HDMI Output on Gameshell?

I recently bought a micro HDMI cable in the hopes of being able to display my gameshell screen on my monitor in order to use it along with a USB on-the-go cable and a keyboard so that I could program directly from my Gameshell instead of my laptop as it doesn’t have enough space.I was able to plug in the cable to both my monitor and Gameshell successfully, but the display wasn’t transferred through my monitor. is there a specific micro HDMI cable, program, script, or some other piece of code/ hardware that I need for the Micro Hdmi to work properly? Thanks in advance for the help!

try plug the hdmi before boot the gs

you may give a look at xrandr

I tried plugging in the hdmi before booting, but it didn’t work. How does Xrandr work? I’ve never used it before.

what is your gs os & revision ?

running xrandr without args will list you possibles display
with few args you can select display output and resolution/framerate