(Solved) Weak D-Pad, Having to press hard

I just assembled 2 gameshells, the first working perfectly, the D-Pad is great.
The second one I assembled, the D-Pad feels like it has a bit less pressure against it and I have to press quite a bit harder in any direction for it to actuate. Is there any mod I can do to make the D-Pad more sensitive so I don’t have to press it so violently compared to the other?
Any input is appreciated.

Edit: Solved in comments

Hi mate, I think the issue is not caused by the D-pad per se, check the rubber.

yeah i think it has something to do with the rubber but it looks perfectly fine. now only the down direction is difficult to trigger compared to the others

I originally had the same problem. I used 99% rubbing alcohol to clean the metal contacts as well as the rubber contacts and it ended up being a lot more responsive.

I didn’t think of doing that because it’s new but I’ll try that tonight, thanks!

to update: that fixed the issue!