Some silver lining about the CM4 modules?

So I told a friend of mine soon after I ordered my uConsole, lamenting the current supply chain issues that are severely delaying orders.

fast forward to a couple days ago he sent me this video.

The video is more about clones than the CM4 itself, but
about a minute in he says “supply is finally coming back to pre-pandemic levels”

Could this mean that the issues on their end might be over soon? I know they’re waiting on more than just cm4 boards but maybe its a good sign idk.

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I had no trouble getting one a few weeks ago here in Europe and Reichelt still has them in stock:

I ordered my uConsole without the module because I suspected that may be a reason for delay. But I believe I heard that while the supply chain issues lastet, commercial buyers were prioritized by the Raspberry Pi foundation so I guess Clockwork will get their supply soon, too.