How about some more shipping updates?

I’d love to see more shipping updates, clockwork!


Their reply:


You don’t like cookies?

Some pro-active updates would indeed be helpful. Ordered my uConsole Kit RPI-CM4 Lite on December 16th 2023 and still nothing. Alex mentioned it would be shipped in April (hopefully he meant 2024) after asking.

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There was an update a few days ago from alex

My RPI-CM4 kit came today via DHL without an email from Clockworks. Order #23199. -Joe

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Mine is the same situaiton. The email comes latter than the device. :joy:

Order No. 22599 Placed on Aug 16, 2023

Alex said it would ship soon. I’m being patient though, and still excited. It looks mine might ship soon :slight_smile:

I’m not sure how many emails he gets a day but even a post from him saying “orders 23200-23400 are being processed” would probably prevent 200 people from emailing him…or something


I’m still waiting on #22579, and back in December 2023 I emailed and was told it would ship 3-4 batches out from that point. I just emailed again since it’s been five months already, and I’m seeing much later order numbers fulfilled ahead of mine, which I don’t love.

I get that there have been supply chain issues but we were told those are improving/have improved so I am unclear on what the issue is.