WANTED: uConsole Kit CM4

Hey Clockwork community. I am wondering if anyone has a uConsole Kit RPI-CM4 for sale? I am located down under in Australia and can pay via PayPal. Thanks ! :slight_smile:

Many people who placed orders in early 2023 are still waiting on their uconsole, I wish you the best of luck. But don’t be discouraged if you don’t get any nibbles.

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be careful when you open the box, it might fall on its face due to being upside down :stuck_out_tongue:

I narrowly missed out on one last week. It was in Australia too! Quite a few people receive them and then have no use for them any more or don’t need them and have been reselling them so there’s definitely a market and it is mutually beneficial. Cheers!

Ordered mine in october last year. good luck me … :thinking:

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Same, I’m at 24xxx. Fingers crossed.

What specification did you guys order?