Stand screw holes not threaded

Like I said above, when I went to add the stand the screws won’t go in. Took a flashlight and looked closely and neither side is threaded, smooth as the proverbial babies bottom inside.

Guess this one means an email to support.

Pete B.

At least that’s an easy fix with a thread tap! Although strange it wasn’t already threaded and supposed to be.( I don’t have my console yet to look)

I imagine it was a manufacturing mistake, mine just missed a step.

Hopefully for Clockworkpi this was just a one off and not a process issue.

Sadly I don’t own metric taps, especially that small.

Pete B.

Ace hardware carry M4 taps.

Very small hole and rather shallow, I am pretty sure it would need threads all the way to the bottom so a flat ended (bottoming) tap. Not something I am really interested in doing and I am sure there are others that would not even know where to start.

Got a response that seemed to imply this was a one off occurrence so they are sending me a new back. :smiley:

Pete B.