Uconsole Shipments

Still waiting on some news, I have been coming here daily. I feel like I need this device in my life haha. #uConsole.


that’s exactly how I feel. Is there actually any news when it will probably be so far?

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It’s looking like March, now.

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Post here if you get any emails on shipment notifications/tracking details.

I reached out to the Clockwork support regarding a Devterm A04 I ordered in December, and I got this response this morning.

Orders for the Devterm may be different from the uConsole, but I imagine it can’t be that different.

(btw, I didn’t take the refund lol. Clockwork 4 Life!!!)


I believe the first batch will ship end of March maybe mid. I ordered in January and the shipment will be in April.

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sidenote — i don’t think this is significant enough for a full thread, but should i refer to clockworkpi as “clockwork” or “clockworkpi”? (or are both fine, one’s a shortened version of the official name, “clockworkpi”?)

In the context of this community, that’s your call :slight_smile:

i’ll stick with clockworkpi lol