Story Time! Collaborative Storytelling

Anyone interested in creating a collaborative story? Let me begin:

He hopped out of his mother’s car and walked into a big, unfamiliar building.  Entering through a pair of heavy double doors, he noticed a woman smiling and greeting sleepy, grumpy students. Second semester had started, and transfer students needed schedules. He spent the next five minutes frantically searching before he finally lucked upon the office door...
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It was his office door. He recently suffered an injury from a car accident so his mother was kind enough to drive him to work since he was still on crutches and did not feel comfortable with the idea of driving with a broken leg.


He turned the knob carefully, squinting one eye and peeping as he gently pushed forward a slender rectangle through which he could scout the modest lair he had cobbled together over his ages working for Comedy Co. He hoped beyond hope that his accident had left him with confabulations. The mess he found disappointed him. Still, his sty smelled like chrysanthemums, a slight psychosis perhaps, as the faculty transformed into a glomerulus of mouth-breathers whenever they needed his supervision.

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