Announcing the 3rd Clockwork Game Jam Event (2019Q3)

Hi GameShellers!
As promised, theme of 2019Q3 Game Jam is now released.

What does SHIFT mean? How to join?
Click following URL to check it out.

LOVE & PEACE GameShellers!


Much shorter length than the previous jams. Will try to get something in time.

will you live stream the irl party ?

Can we get free to use official assets this time for use in splash screens, etc? I asked last Jam and was told assets would be provided “soon” but that never happened. I ended up pulling assets from around the site and created a “Made for GameShell Game Jam 19Q2” splash.

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I’m thinking about trying to make something really small for the Game Jam and I was wondering if there’s a rule that says that all the content has to be created for the jam. To be more clear, I was thinking of using graphic assets from another project, as making original graphics would take too much time. Is that allowed?

We will try though. If that is gonna happen, we’ll make sure that you are informed.

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Sure. I mean of course full original works are encouraged, but we definitely understand that not every developer has enough private time to start from dirt.

I will check it with my colleague. Go back to you ASAP.

Good luck to all!! I can’t wait to see what ya’ll come up with!! :slight_smile:

I already have a neat idea for a game. Now I only need to abandon my family to be able to work on it non-stop. :smiley:


Cool! I can’t wait! If you want i could test the game for you before submission and while you take care of your family. :slight_smile:

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I have a question about how to package my game for submission. The package would contain the game, an icon for the launcher and an sh script to launch the game. Additionally the game requires OpenAL to play the music. I was thinking about making one, which installs OpenAL and downloads the game, the icon and the launch script from github.
Is there a better or recommended way to do this? I’m usually a Windows user, so all this is pretty new to me. ^^

Okay, I just submitted my game. Was pretty stressful, but I made it! :smiley:


Hope you like my snake game. :kissing_heart::yum::yum:

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I just submitted my game:
It’s a Ikaruga inspired polarity shmup game. I think it’s fits the theme quite well.
I had only 10 hours to work on the game as I only discover this jam last week and I have been extremely busy. To be honest, the game could be much better and feel finished if I had at least a few more hours to work on. But overall I am quite satisfied with the result


How did you embed the itch page in your post here? I want to do the same.

It was flagged by the forum system as spam and was pending review. I edited your post and added your original message.

With some more activity the forum will let you post more things.

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I am very new to the forum. I deleted my post by accident. Thank you for recovering my post! Do you know how to embed itch page in the forum? I think it can attract more people to play the game.

Hey @Rebusmind thats a nice game, congrats!

Can you update the instructions to also include the installation of the following libraries in addition to sudo apt-get install libopenal1?

  • sudo apt-get install libglew2.1
  • sudo apt-get install libalure1

Are they mandatory? I only installed OpenAL on my GS and it worked fine.
Edit: When I searched for libglew2.1 it didn’t mention debian stretch, is it only for buster or newer versions?