Strange supernumerary rubber button attached to top of keyboard

I think my uConsole mutated while waiting in customs. What is this thing and can I cut it off?

It’s a power switch. You can use the white one or this black one. And yes, cut if off before assembling.

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With how long I waited for my unit I wasn’t going to risk cutting it off before I knew exactly what it was.

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Yeah they dont mention it anywhere in the included assembly documentation. The only reason I knew what to do with it was by watching several other people’s assembly videos before I got mine.


I figured it out when I couldn’t get the front on. I definitely was a little worried I was doing something wrong but it looked just like the power button so I cut it off and used it instead of the white power button that my kit also came with.

The power button has two LEDs under it to indicate charging and power state, so I guess the white one is included for this purpose.

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