Strange power issues (solved)

After a week or two of daily playing with my A06 uconsole I started have weird power issues. If I booted it while it was plugged in, everything would work fine and I could unplug it and I could go do my thing, but if I booted it from batteries the boot logging would start and then it would immediately die. After a few days I had it die on me while in use as well.

I figured the problem was the batteries. I didn’t know if mine were any good and they aren’t protected, so I ordered some replacements. The logic was that the system might be pulling a bit more amperage at boot and the batteries weren’t keeping up. The batteries may still have been part of the problem, they were stone dead by the time the replacements arrived, but when I opened up the case this is what I found:

… Break because I can only put one image…

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Here’s my fix, it only took one zip tie:

I also put in new (protected) batteries and we’re off the the races!

I just thought I’d share in case someone else runs into this problem.


Oof. I might do the zip tie just to prevent that in the first place

Did this break because your batteries are too tall for this unit? Or do you think this was just a manufacturing issue?

I guess the case is designed for the flat type 18650 batteries.
In this case they have this “nipple” on the positive Terminal which makes them a little bit longer.

I checked the dimensions of the batteries when I bought them, so they should be the right size. That said, I didn’t pull out a pair on calipers and measure them, but the damage didn’t look like it was caused by them. My best guess is that it’s just a weak point in the plastic, and I must have dropped/bumped my unit at some point. I don’t recall dropping it, but I flew cross country twice with it, so stuff might have happened.

Mines also have that bump and I didn´t have problems on the devterm or the uconsole.

Luckily those seem to be cheap, for example

A soldering iron, some tin and like brand new.

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What batteries did you end up going with? I’m having similar problems with my uConsole

Im using protected 18650s with the ‘nipple’ in my uConsole and havent had any issues.

I went with these: