Supespend and battery life

Hi everyone,

Ordered mine last week, CM4+4g black case.

Anybody knows how long these batteries last before the device shut down ?

Any infos about the state of the support for the suspend mode ?

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CM4 is have no suspend mode. This is limited by hardware (that SoC on CM4/RPi4) itself.

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There are other options than the CM4. Getting a processor that supports it is just the first part, getting the OS to support it would still be needed.


Lastly, total runtime depends on the batteries you’ve purchase for it, and like any laptop, how hard its pushed.
Going by the devterm, with 3000 mah cells and a CM4 you can probably assume ~ 3 hours in the worst case. Battery Life - CM3/A-04/A-06 Comparisons?


What are these other options ?

The A06, A04, R01 are all cores officially offered that are not the CM4 option. If you ordered a CM4 option, you can look at other CM4-compatible compute modules for sale on amazon or aliexpress to use in its place. You’d need to research if the specific model you choose supports these features, you can either read the datasheet for the module or else probably reach out to the manufacturer/seller if you can’t find the info in the datasheet.

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The main chip on CM4 is not capable of sleep and suspend, it missing control different power zone/peripherals and dynamical CPU frequency control. you can’t have OS/software to support a non-existed hardware-based feature.


So the “solution” is to just power it off completely then I presume?

Hack it, bro! That’s what it was made for. We will all probably need to go through different batteries and modify the power settings and experiment until we get what we need. It’s definitely not a modern cell phone. It’s all open source, so if you can find a better way of using it, go for it!

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Really depends on the compute module used. The CM4 doesn’t have the needed stuff on it for a suspend mode. Really don’t know about the A04,A06, or the R-01. I have the R-01, might look into it some day. Still just getting started with it.

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While suspend is not supported by CM4, is there a way to simply power off the screen in “suspend” ? That would likely save a decent amount of power