Swapping out Battery for Larger Capacity Li-Ion?



Just a casual warning about third-party batteries: from experience the Gold ones are not bad (though their life degrades faster), but there are tons of batteries out there advertising false capacities (even going as far as putting the capacity in quote marks, like "3000"mAh! :smiley: )


These capacity are fake and battery are potentially dangerous.

A BL-5C can only store (because of its size) something around 1200 and grand maximum 1500mAh.


It looks like there would be enough space to fit in two BL-5C instead of one in the Gameshell. It should work if the two are wired up parallel.


there is space under the speaker and controller board for at least 3000 mah worth of various batteries.
I soldered together various batteries i got from aliexpress amounting to 3000mah of juice and fit it in, works perfect


would you like to share more with the forum?

Battery specs, wiring, how-to?

thanks !


I soldered 2 wires to the battery board, 1 to the positive terminal, 1 to the negative terminal. from there you just solder the postive terminal of whatever li-ion battery u are using to the corresponding wire(+ to +, - to -).
If you wish to use multiple batteries, solder their terminals together (again, + to +, - to -) and then to the corresponding wires that attach to the battery board, like i have done so here using spare li-ion batteries i had

As long as the li-ion batterries are rated at 3.7V, any number of them can be used. Make sure that they fit inside the space nicely, and are not thicker than the battery module itself.
Make sure to cover any electrical solder joints and the positive and negative terminals on the battery board with some insulating material, such as i have done so here with tape i had lying around, to avoid short circuiting any or all the batteries
Once thats done, just fit in you batteries nicely inside the space below the speaker and where the battery module used to be and tuck in the wires.

You can then place the battery board ontop of the batteries and fit your controller module back ontop. If the battery you used was too thin, and you find the controller module fitting too far inside its slot, you can always place some filler material like folded paper under the controller module to prop it up, leveling it with the screen module.

Thats it, just reassemble and enjoy the longer battery life!

You can always solder the battery terminals directly to the white cable connecting directly to the main board in which case you can remove the battery board entirely and make space for larger batteries, i did not do this since i did not have spare wires with this specfic type of connector end, and i do not know the exact specs of the battery connector wire that clockworkpi uses so i could purchase more.

By soldering the batteries to the battery board instead, you can avoid damaging this white cable, so that if anything goes wrong like the batteries you chose were too thick etc, you can always desolder the 2 wires soldered to the battery board, and reinstall the original battery onto the battery board in the battery module.


thanks so much - will look at something like this for my weekend project!


it looks like a bomb :sweat:


Thats really a bad practice. There is no balance charging circuit (or BMS) on the board.


What about first take some time to check what the GS board delivers ? What is the charging current that GS does output ? Does it charge in an endless or limited cycle ? E.g. a limited 4 x 700mAh cycle would charge only 2800mAh at max, and never charge a 3000 or even 6000 as far as I know.


The PMU is an AXP223 https://linux-sunxi.org/images/e/e5/AXP223_Datasheet_V1.0_en.pdf


really interested in this , isn’t there an out of the box solution to replace the existing battery ? There seems to be lots of space there if you remove the existing battery along with its plastic case. There’s got to be a viable larger battery to just connect it to the existing board and make it work.


This would be awesome it would be viable


This would be awesome we have enough rooms to make this a viable solution, i don’t know why they don’t give us a bigger battery to begin with or at least the option to get one on the site


Could this work behind the speaker?


No chance, 18650 batteries are fat. Maybe with hard modding the case but there are notches inside that would not make it possible.

I have those batteries and just checked.


thanks for checkin man. was at work when I skimmed across it.


I just ordered this:

This should fit inside the battery shell with a little work with a Dremel tool. And it will almost double the capacity. I will let you know how it goes once I receive it and put it in.


I got the battery in and wired it up. Here’s a picture of the battery sitting in the clockwork battery shell:

It powers up fine and appears to charge without issues. I am going to remove the battery board and will use a dremel tool to file down the studs to fit the board and the ridge that was along the side of the original battery and board:

Very easy upgrade to 2000mah battery and still using the existing module case. Just two wires and a little filing or sanding. Is there anything in a config file that needs to reflect the larger battery or will the charge circuit handle it?


So is it wired backwards like some others I’ve seen