Terminal note taking app recommendation

Can someone recommend a good app I can use to take notes from the terminal?

I want to use cool retro term to get most of my writing done I just haven’t had any luck with getting any of them to work except Jrnl and I can’t find where it saves the files.

Not super good with Linux so it might just be my lack of knowledge to getting stuff like Tnote working.

Thank you!


vi/vim, nano/pico or any other command line based text editor are not good enough?

notepadqq is a text based gui formated text based tool as well - works for drafting programs - select the language and it will format the text. It will also save .txt files…

here’s a list I found:

I checked Jrnl and it seems the default file is in ~/.local/share/jrnl/journal.txt . You should also be able to change it by editing the configuration file (see Advanced Usage - jrnl).

If you want similar functionality you can also use emacs (in terminal mode) with org-journal (see GitHub - bastibe/org-journal: A simple org-mode based journaling mode). It is not difficult to set up but it may take some time if you are not used to emacs.

Did not know any of these, will check them out tonight. Thank you very much!

Gracias! Another I will check out, I just need something simple for writing. The second I have some sort of desktop I get distracted.

Wow, you guys are awesome, thank you for taking the time to check and showing me this. I knew the devterm was going to force me to learn and I really dig the terminal.

I recently read an article about a terminal text editor I’d never heard of - Tilde.

It’s in the default repos, and even works with the trackball. Maybe give it a whirl?


Sweet! Thank you Zappy definitely looks like it’s up my alley.

I use vim and make all my files .md (MarkDown). I use directories organized in a way suitable for purpose, like by year for my journal. With headings (## in Markdown) for each day. And I backup and sync my nodes using Subversion to a shell account.
For a more elaborate support of Markdown there is GitHub - plasticboy/vim-markdown: Markdown Vim Mode

For notes in particular, I got the console version of Joplin installed. Works best if you want to sync the notes to other devices.

sudo apt install tilde
tilde looks great .

If you really want something like that, I would more recommend Rhide ( http://www.rhide.com ) that was a real IDE used back in the day with DJGPP, mid 90 - early 2000. It is open source and should somewhat compile on modern system. Haven’t used it in more than a decade.


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Tbh just learn your way around vim, and learn to write in LaTeX (a markup language). There’s gonna be a steep learning curve for about a week, but after that you can compile beautiful documents. And if your document requires footnotes and citations, nothing in my experience handles it as well as LaTeX. As it’s a markup language, if you can learn HTML, you can learn LaTeX.

Luke Smith has great videos on YouTube on getting started with vim, and LaTeX. Here’s one of my papers written in Vim + LaTeX:

If you are not journalling, then I would recommend the Zettelkasten method. It’s not a tool, it’s just an approach.

If you want a tool that uses this method, try Obsidian.