"The schematics and related design materials are released under the GPL v3 license, and you can find them on our GitHub."

This page claims schematics and design materials are actually be available on GitHub! Their account has 19 repositories, none of which are the schematics.

When can we expect the schematics? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :pray:

Do you mean this:

Check it out. They are the same as uConsole, I think.

It would be great if this was confirmed identical.

I also assumed there would be files about the size & form factor?

I think the schematics will be made available (e.g. for the cellular module & shell) once the device is either getting to end-users or is out of pre-order and into actual sales. I could be wrong though.

They are the same. The uConsole is based on the hardware of the DevTerm.

The only currently missing part are the keyboard, and potentially the 4G extension, even if on that one I fear there will be little interesting part.