Trackball issue: X axis only moves forward not backward

Just received my unit and done the installation.
It boots into the desktop just fine, the only issue so far is that the jog ball only moves in X+, not X-
I have to use external mouse to even access the “Applications” menu…

evtest the mouse device and move the trackball, no negative valued messages.

Any ideas? Defect hardware or firmware/kernel issue?


I’ve modified the keyboard fw and log down trackball movements:

  if(x !=0 || y != 0 || -w!=0) {
    dv->Mouse->move(x, y, -w);
    dev_term._Serial->println("trackball moved");

No messages printed when I move trackball to the left.
I will open the keyboard to measure the signal on the trackball pin (if possible)

Would you please to email to so I can help you out?

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Mail sent! Thanks!

Added some details…