Trackball only moves side to side

After assembly it I can’t get the mouse to move vertically, could this be an assembly mistake?

maybe. Take the trackball out and wipe down the contacts with isopropyl alcohol. In case there is some debris or fingerprint oils preventing connection.

Got it working, a friend looking over my shoulders thought he saw a directionality that I didn’t, or maybe it was the attempt to clean it that fixed it.

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Great to know man. Have fun,I’m still waiting for mine.

I had an issue with the whole keyboard and mouse not working dispite its working as a wired one on my pc, was solved by undoing everything and piecing it back together again works fine now

Edit: my advice if something isnt working right even though you know it works, take each part off and rescrew it in again, it might be just somthing isnt fully aligned

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