Typing on a uConsole keyboard like a regular keyboard?

Sorry, sort of a strange request, but i’m curious what it’s like typing on this like a traditional keyboard—as opposed to typing with thumbs. I like the idea of a little device like this for on the go writing, but am less interested if it’s just a type-with-thumb-only kind of keyboard. Also hoping the video will address whether the key switch type is amenable to a traditional typing posture.

Could I bother someone to record a video of them typing on it with all their (or most of their) fingers? placed on a table or with the kickstand? Ideally for a minute or so straight?..Yes I know i’m being a little picky, but that’s why i’m here…all the videos i’ve found show people using thumbs, or typing on it very briefly.

Thanks in advance everyone, maybe this video will also be helpful for others wondering the same thing.

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You’d be happier with a DevTerm. I’m at the store right now but as soon as I get home I’ll record short video of me typing on one. The uConsole is just to narrow to type normal.

Here you go, I don’t type very well sorry. I’m 70" and average build if you’re wanting a frame of reference for my hands. I don’t have my uConsole yet but this is already pushing it for regular typing.


No touch typing on the uConsole. The buttons are much too small for that and also rather stiff to press. The Keyboard is really great for thumb-typing though - maybe the best I’ve ever tried.

Definitely in agreement with most so far, not a traditional typing device. I have large hands and it’s just not happening full stop. It’s a great thumb keyboard, and pretty well laid out for that. My only complaint so far is the space bar has no reinforcement so you have to hit the space bar in the direct center. I’m having to be mindful so I don’t end up with space-less terminal commands.

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Really helpful, thank you for all the help everyone. If someone still wants to share a video of typing on the uconsole, it could be a good reference. But either way it sounds like it’s type-with-your-thumb kind of machine, through and through.

Unless you have the hands of a 1 year old, not going to happen.