uConsole 4G board schematic and mecanical drawings

I am currently designing an extension board which can replace Clockworkpi’s uConsole 4g board.
I finished the schematic, but can not start the pcb, because can not find the mechanical drawing of 4g board.
What I need:

  1. Dimensions of 4g board pcb
  2. Pinout of the connector
  3. Position of 3.5mm jack.



Keep in mind that the speakers run off that board as well so you will need a few extra traces and contact pads for that unless you dont need audio.

Refrence: see steps G and H1 here uConsole/Clockwork_uConsole_Assembly_Guidelines.pdf at master · clockworkpi/uConsole · GitHub


Thanks, I saw this one (and only?) document. But there are no dimensions there, unfortunately.

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I hope this info is available soon, I’d love to try to fit a small sdr there!


Probably is being held until a good portion of people receive their uConsoles, because you know what will happen, a bunch of counterfeits would appear on the market, before the uConsole hits the streets

it would be nice to have an 'experimental ’ compartment there