uConsole 4G ext. flash firmware

There are inconsistent models of 4G modules in uConsole

cpi@raspberrypi:~/ $ sudo lsusb
Bus 001 Device 008: ID 1e0e:9001 Qualcomm / Option SimTech, Incorporated

Some modules are 9011, while others are 9001.

With the 9011 module, mmcli cannot detect the device, making it impossible to use nmcli to establish a 4G network connection.

Acutally, the module is not broken,and the 9011 module is actually easier, and it can be used to connect to the internet in a more convenient way without requiring configuration, mmcli, or nmcli.

If your device has a 9001 module, you need to flash the firmware in order to switch to 9011.

The following document can help you upgrade the firmware from 9001 to 9011

Big Note: If your module is functioning properly and you are not familiar with firmware flashing and Linux and AT commands, it is recommended NOT to proceed with the operation, as it may cause unexpected issues.


You can switch between 9011 and 9001 version. I have found this on the Waveshare hompage.
Most of the Information is helpful:

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