Touch Panel for uConsole

Hi All,

I ordered my uConsole and now I am looking for options to add a touch panel (Capacitive or Resistive.)

I started to check on existing panels that can fit and contact manufacturers in china :

Edit: Vendor confirmed: Customization is possible with minimum 100-piece order.

It looks like I need a board for the resistive version such as Adafruit TSC2007 I2C Resistive Touch Screen Controller.

I wonder if other people are interested in this?
I would need support to understand how to connect that to the board and configure drivers for Raspberry OS.
In addition, if we are many of us, the manufacturer might be open to customizing the panel to have a good fit on the device.



Sounds interesting. A capacitive touchscreen would be really nice but it would probably require some extra hardware

Not sure a resistive touchscreen would be an upgrade.


I would love this… really hoped that it had a touchscreen. Capacitive for me :slight_smile:

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I would be interested in chipping in to order one of these as well, probably capacitive as others have noted