uConsole Case Options

I just got my A06 uConsole and bought this case at DAISO, it was $2.50.


fuck bro i am so jealous

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I haven’t had much time to use it yet (I received it yesterday), but it seems to be…okay.
My initial impression is - that the aluminum feels a bit cheap, and it chugs a bit when browsing Discord.

The chugging could be user error tbh. I haven’t run any updates or optimized any sort of settings as of yet.

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I hate to be this person but I could not find a “DAISO” case that matches what you found. DO you happen to have a link for the case you bought?


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Someone else bought one of these: USA Gear Case

I grabbed one under a different listing for the same price (it was being sold as a portable monitor case for cinematography work). It’s pick and pull foam so you can size it to you uConsole as needed. I Don’t have mine yet, but the person on here i saw with theirs pulled everything but 2 squares on all sides, so it’ll fit just fine. Plus it has that screen protector flap so accessories don’t mess anything up in travel.

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You should definitely play with the a06-gearbox command! I usually like to use default settings 4 or set mine to setting 5 for casual use, a06-gearbox -s5 and s6 is great if you want full speed but make sure you have a charger handy/plugged in because the battery life TANKS on 6 under load.

Resurrecting this old topic with my recent purchase. Costed me 11€ on aliexpress.

Sits perfectly inside, looks very good.

If anyone interested, size number 2: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005006069110739.html?spm=a2g0o.order_list.order_list_main.10.18751802Rb5cZr


Any recommendation for cases on amazon please?

Yeah, can confirm:

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I also got this - thank you for recommending. I paid 5 euros for it (shipped to France; no extra duty / VAT etc.)

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Nice! :slightly_smiling_face: Yes, worth mentioning if you register as a new customer on Ali you get a very big discount on your first order.

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Like me, got mine for 67p

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Hm, but the cheapest one is size one, which is not going to fit the console, the one the photos is size 2, 19.5x15.5.

Yh mine was size 2 :joy: i signed up to get the discount

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Sheesh :joy:, should have signed up with a new email account. But good for others, at this price it’s literally a steal of a deal.


Tbh the usa gear one @Arkaium posted looked hella nice but seemed a little too big for my liking, but i also have a small shoulder bag that just fits the uConsole on its own with a battery pack and some cables just incase i need to just carry that

I just put the 3D printed cover on it to protect the display and keyboard. Really not worried about the scratches on the metal case.

utilitarian, i see.

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It’s big but given how heavy and dense the thing is, I didn’t mind the extra cushioning.

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