I picked up a CM4S module, it should work if I get it setup correctly

The CM4S I have includes 1G ram and 32G eMMC. The pinout is compatible with the CM3 module that works in the DevTerm. The uConsole has the same pin-out so it electrically should work there. Now if I can get the schematics for the uConsole main board, maybe I can figure out the software side. Does anybody else have a CM4S?

Where did you get a CM4S? The RPI site says they are only going to industrial customers and not for general sale. I have been looking for one to play with, but haven’t found any direct sales.

I have friends… Ordered from Turkey via DHL shipping to the USA.


I flashed the latest CM4 image to the CM4S unit and plugged it it. It boots!!! Ok on first boot the display is rotated 90 degrees. Logged out and logged back in and that fixed it. The other issue is the WiFi is not spotted yet. If you can get one, it doesn’t need the adapter.


Well, keep up posted!

Man, i need to make more friends like that lol. Most of mine just ask me to fix their laptops.

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The CM4S was ordered from https://market.samm.com .

I plugged in an ethernet adapter and managed to get it online for a bit. Just edited the /etc/dhcpcd.conf file and set a static IP address for my network here. Got it online and did the usual apt update; apt upgrade. It still spots the network adapter, but now it isn’t getting an address so it isn’t connected to the outside world and I can’t ssh in.

I changed the login to graphical and require a password. For the moment, that fixes the screen rotation.

The CM4S I have doesn’t have the WiFi onboard, that also needs to be figured out.