uConsole: Is USB-C port usable as a regular USB port?

Hi there!

For the USB-C port on the uConsole, does anyone know if it can be used for regular USB devices (when not used for power), or is it strictly a power-only port?

pretty sure it’s power only. Nothing shows in dmesg when I plug something into it.

Ah shucks! USB is the one thing I wish this had more of. With perhaps exception to a real D-Pad for gaming. :smiley:

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There’s been a couple of projects to add extra usb ports. Here’s one:

And another:

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I think it’s possible. On a R01 variant(which I happen to own), USB-C is connected to the first USB peripheral and sunxi-fel interface is accessible from it. You can check the schematics on uConsole GitHub repo. To make it a regular USB port, you might need to modify the devicetree(or do some hacks in sysfs). I haven’t tested it yet. Note that maybe only USB-C 2.0 devices or cables can work because of the CC pin wiring.

No, but why, I think regular USB port is ok.

Maybe the PMU(AXP228) doesn’t output power on the C port. If so, the C port can only allow uConsole to act as a USB gadget :frowning:

still would be nice to just connect your uconsole to your PC and ssh in