uConsole IO & Ports

The IO for the the uConsole seems a bit… odd.

  • Two 3.5mm headphone jacks (with modem)
  • No data on USB-C
  • USB-A is 2.0

Kinda seems like the IO nerfs the CM4’s capabilities.
Any chance these will be addressed before production or in future updates to the main board?

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the DevTerm has more USB ports (3) then there is the ‘expansion port’ which I won’t touch … working toward networked devices rather than physically connecting them… haven’t tried the blue tooth but that might work better…

i plan on making a 3d-printed attachment for the uconsole to add some more ports — a couple USB-A, a couple USB-C, RS-232, full size HDMI, ethernet, and maybe a couple others


will an off the sheilf Mini PCi-e card plug into the port where the modem goes? they make single slot USB cards… wondering if that will work for another USB…

i don’t believe so. IIRC the mini pci-e slot used for the cell modem isn’t actually used for the signals of PCI-E, it’s just the same physical connector (probably because it’s cheaper to use an existing connector with enough pins rather than describe and manufacture a purpose built connector, which could increase both complexity and cost). i’ll check whether i’m right and get back to you

edit: yes, from what i can tell i’m right.

the extension module interface is described as “using [the] standard Mini PCI-E connector”, not “being Mini PCI-E”. to me that sounds more like just using the pins / connector, not actually being compatible with other mini pci-e devices. i’d assume they’d say something like “internal Mini PCI-E interface for extension modules” if it was compatible with mini pci-e. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks guys!!! Was wondering what to do with that blank slot

No data on usb c? That seems very odd. Where did you find this spec?

Website says it’s a charging port. Might only be hooked to the battery module.
Looks like it’s device only on the devterm, which uses the same board.

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It says usb c charging, but there’s not the word “only”, so I thought it was charging and data. It looks to me like a waste to use usb c only for charging


If they’re gonna have a charge port that’s not a barrel connector, i’d prefer USB-C to microusb… Just because that’s what the most chargers littered around my house use


I picked up one of those Anker brand USB-C chargers, it is tiny but good to 20 watts. I use it with the DevTerm and it works just fine. I think it is called the Power Port III Nano.

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I think it’s the a04 and a06 that work as a device. The pi4 USBC is power only as well I think.

Cool; I ordered mine with r01, but i may pick up an a04 or a06 as a spare core in the future – i’m very excited to play with a riscV machine, but i’m concerned performance is gonna make it not usable beyond a little experiment…

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Dual USB - c powers my Devterm and external portable LCD

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keep us updated! I’d be interested in buying that RISC-V core and running a terminal based OS on it. Just using programs like Vim, htop, fdisk/dd (to use on USB’s plugged into the device), etc etc. Try writing my own simple programs!

I think for terminal use the R-01 will be fine – it’ll make a great machine to tinker around with vim. I’m just wondering how far i can push it! I’ll definitely stick around here :wink:

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I haven’t seen numbers on power consumption of the R-01 part vs the others. I can deal with lower performance if I gain battery life.

I saw a huge battery life difference (+40-60%) between the CM3 and the R01 cores on DevTerm.