Compatible External USB Hubs?

Hiya, I have the uConsole Kit RPI-CM4 Lite. Running the stock Raspbian.

I have a couple of different USB-C Hubs that I’ve been trying with it, but neither of them work, except for charging the uConsole.

Are others here using standard USB hubs (non-USB-C)? Perhaps I’ll have to get one of them.

Any advice on this gratefully received.

The USB C port is only for power. Not data.

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Thanks for confirming.

Presumably a standard USB hub will work through the standard USB port then?

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Yup, should work as expected. If you’re interested in USB C ports, Vitaly made a custom expansion card which provides three external ports and one internal port. uHub Expansion Card


If I ever get time to design a new main board this is top of my list to fix. There are enough USB channels for both of those ports to have data. I don’t know what possessed them to go this way.