uConsole: Keyboard paper?

Hi Everyone,

When installing the uConsole’s keyboard, I noted that it has this white template/overlay that comes with the PCB. In all the install videos I’ve seen, they keep it on the board when they add the rubber membrane. Is this the correct way to install this?

The reason I ask is because the keyboard backlight looks kind of poor, with some keys being much dimmer than others, so I thought maybe the white keyboard overlay was the issue and was really not supposed to be included?

I think it is to diffuse the light and make it more even.


That is exactly what it is for. Since it is a low power device the uConsole keyboard doesn’t have per-key lighting like larger devices can afford to, so it uses this thin plastic diffusion layer to spread the light from the few LEDs it does use and make the backlighting more even. This same type of layer is very common on older backlit laptop keyboards.

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