uConsole not consistently charging and intermittent shutdowns

I’ve noticed that when I fully clock my uConsole (A06) it continuously goes from charging to not charging over and over again. As well, even with AC power I had at least one random shut-off when running at full till.

Overclocking a SoC is always risky and causes (heat?) issues resulting in random shutdowns. The battery issue might be battery protection kicking in based on temperature.

I would recommend lowering the clock and experimenting with different load to find a clock speed that’s still higher then base but still stable.

my thinking is the shutdowns might actually be caused by the batteries, they report as only 8wh total, but 3500mah3.7v2batteries would be ~26wh

tl;dr i think my batteries are fake

Ah that sucks, I received my A6 yesterday and my batteries report the same. Maybe I need to get different batteries as well :upside_down_face:

mine show the same 8.0 Wh -1%

update! i think the kernel module for the axp228 included with the uconsole (at least the a06 image) is a bit outdated, and will always report 8wh as the energy-full. even at “100%” my battery voltage is only 3.986V, not the 4.2V i’d expect. gonna try to compile a newer version of the module, see what happens.


I have the same issue on my CM4 uConsole. It gets random shut-off quite often on battery-only, less often on charger-only, and never gets shut-off on charger+battery.

i got the devterm running… waiting for my uconsole… cm4 running at full tilt with no issues OC to 2ghz gpu-750 OV-6 … on a set of the samsung 35e batteries… they are #1 for the price… batteries are super important…

the 8w thing has a patch… they talked about it in the forum… maybe on the devterm side… it will always show 8w -1% untill ya patch it… but the patch was written for a06 if i remember correctly…

I did manage to hackily port that patch to the uConsole, but it would never finish calibration and I couldn’t figure out why. Might take another look.