Battery level indicator?

Hello all, how accurate is your battery level indicator? In my case the battery shuts down with no warning (and the indicator taskbar says its at about 80%). Is that normal?
Then, if I connect the unit to the charger, the charging stops after 20 minutes or so (as indicated by my USB charge indicator). It is quite certain that the two empty batteries are not charged to full within that time. (The unit is off while charging)
The batteries themselves should be fine - tested them on a computerized battery charger - they both have about 3200mAh, measured by a full charge - discharge cycle.
Any fix to make the display and the charging better? Thank you for any suggestions

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So this is a fix someone figured out, it helped with both faster charging and battery life for me, might be some help to you

You probably need to calibrate the battery gauge. I read through the axp228 manual and added this feature to my kernel for A06/CM4.

The manual did not state HOW to calibrate thought :joy:
So I guess just:

  • charge it up to 100%
  • activate the calibrate function
    • echo 1 | sudo tee /sys/class/power_supply/axp20x-battery/calibrate
  • let it drain to poweroff
  • charge it up again.

Thank you both. I will try your suggestions. Just one (naive) question. Charging should work with the unit off, is that not the case? When off, then the kernel has no influence on charging, has it?

I get “permission denied” when attempting to run the command.

With what i did it charges, but it might charge without it i never really tested it

Yes. Completely power off, then plug in. The charger will use it’s default settings.

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I tried the calibration command. Should it discharge until it shuts off (0% which equates to 80% without calibration) or until it triggers a shutdown via software (i.e. 5%)? I did the former and upon restart it still begins recharging at 80%…. It’s recharging now. After reaching 100% will the percentage correct itself?

Another possibility, maybe the system tray is reading the incorrect battery? Bat0 “doesn’t exist,” so it’s reading something else.

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I get permission denied error on the default OS on CM4 console. Is there anyway to create the “calibrate” file? I’m having the same issue that after more or less 80% the uconolse shutdowns and only turns on when changer is plugged in.

The calibrate functions are not present in the default os and kernel. you’ll have to recompile the kernel with the updated drivers or a different os.

To “calibrate” the batteries, you can also charge them an entire night (uConsole powered off) then use your U until it shut down, and re-charge it an entire night. It work for me.
Now, my U shutdown at ~5% remaining battery displayed.