uConsole stock antennas taped down

I have seen some people on here having problems with the stock WiFi antenna. When I installed my antennas, I used 2mm thick double sided tape. I left the paper backing on them when I taped them down. The uConsole is reporting -37dB on the WiFi antenna. There has been great connectivity everywhere I have taken my uConsole. I hope this helps.

could you share a photo?

It is not my best work. They are on crooked. The tape I used is this. GENNEL 4pcs 2mm 3mm 5mm 10mm Clear Double Side Adhesive Tape for Mobile Phone LCD Screen Repair https://a.co/d/e2pRDqt. I got the thickness wrong, I shouldn’t post so late at night.

Did I understand correctly, that with tape you created additional space between the antenna and the body, and this increased signal strength?

The tape and the paper backing creates some insulation and space that seam to help with the signal strength. The tape is very thin, used to tape phone’s back together after repairing them.

I put a little plastic piece between the chassis and the antenna, and the wifi signal has really improved. I went from 47% to 62%, even through walls.