Enhance Your uConsole CM4 with a Custom Antenna Cover!

Hello uConsole Community!

I’m excited to share a special design for all uConsole CM4 users who are looking to improve their WLAN connectivity. Inspired by the challenges with the WLAN connection of the standard antenna, I’ve designed a new antenna cover that supports a larger and more powerful antenna.

What’s Special About This Cover?

  • Improved WLAN Connection: The cover is specifically designed to accommodate a larger antenna, enhancing WLAN signal strength and stability.
  • Stylish Design: It features an engraved “uConsole CM4” script, giving your device a unique look.
  • Easy Installation: The cover and button insert can be easily 3D printed and attached to the uConsole CM4 using thin double-sided adhesive tape.

I’ve published this project on GitHub under uConsole CM4 Custom Projects Repository, where you can find all the necessary files and instructions.

I’d love for you to check it out and share your feedback. If you end up printing and using the cover, please let me know how it works out for you!

Looking forward to your responses and discussions!

Best regards,


How do you get to the sd card?

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In my special case, I use a CM4 with eMMC so that the SD card slot is not active. If you don’t use duct tape, it holds quite well by clamping. It can’t fall because the antennas are glued to the cover.

Hey, nice work. What antenna are you using (link please)? How much better us your Wi-Fi with this setup?

Minor comment, not all of us have CM4 modules…

Thanks in advance,

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Just found this amazing item on AliExpress. Check it out! 4,92€ 15% Off | WIFI 2.4G 5G 5.8G Dual Band FPC PCB Patch SMD Internal Antenna Boster Small Size Soft Bluetooth Flexible IPEX4 MHF4 Connector

Nr. 14

Next Step replace LTE antenna with this one

Just found this amazing item on AliExpress. Check it out! 3,33€ 20% Off | 2Pcs LTE 4G 3G GSM 2G NB-IOT Antenna IPEX UFL IPX FPC Build-in Omni Antenna High Gain For EC25 EP06 SIM7600 MC7455 ME909S-120

also Nr. 14

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Wi-Fi has improved significantly. Speed test follows…


ty for the feedback, the uconsole A6 standard are too poor wifi reception.

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They use the same antenna, so not surprising.

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Thanks a lot for this guide and model! I’ll order the antenna and try it soon. It’s one of the primary things that are preventing me from using the uconsole on the daily.

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could you also provide pics for aesthetic judgment? many thanks :star_struck:

I created a folder of pictures in Github. There are a few pictures in it, as it looks.

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