uConsole use cases?

Hello all, I am considering a uConsole CM4. It is no doubt a super cool device. I am trying to “justify” the cost. To do so, I would be very interested to find out how do you use your? For retro gaming? Something else? Please do share (or, if there is already a similar thread - please point me in the right direction). Thank you!

More portable than a laptop, yet (almost) as feature full as one! It’s up to you how much portability matters to you, for me it was totally worth it.

You might want to check out this thread, but for me it’s been as a handy portable device where I don’t want to take a laptop with me, or when using some piece of hardware remotely like a IR camera (which I’ve linked to)

Thank you both - very useful.

To others - please keep them coming!

Spyder Python IDE is amazing on the screen/ proportions - running CM4 module - just still figuring out keyboard shortcuts etc

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Hi, I´ve been using it to record audio with Audacity and an external mic and works perfect.
I´m using it with SDR (Gpredict and SDR++) to track and record satellites pases and work perfect too.