Upgraded battery module

Hello. I am wondering if can be possible to update battery module for 21700 Li-Ion or 26650. Have more power can be useful for long trips…

I doubt it, at least not with more effort than it would be worth. The product page suggests that, while not recomended, it would be possible to hot-swap one battery at a time and replace depleted batteries with fresh ones that way (not to mention that you can just power down for a minute to swap the batteries). So long as you have charged spares (and an external charger to maintain those), you could carry as many replacements as you want.

Well if you match the voltage you could put any battery, you could solder some wires to the module :stuck_out_tongue: Its a non destructive way

Other than that, you can buy holders and make a PCB
But you will also have to print another backplate because of size constrains.

Yes this is about create new PCB and print new backplate.
If can be downloaded schematic for PCB it can be very easy to make different one.

This is for the DevTerm but they are the same