The Battery Killer

Hi, has someone the same issue? Every time if I put in new fully charged 18650 batteries, the uConsole works fine. After plugging the USB c power cable into the uConsole and waiting some hours, my 18650 batteries were broken. I cannot even charge them with a laboratory power supply. I already wasted €40 because of that.

I’ve never encountered that. Could be a faulty power module.

Where did you get your batteries?

From “reichelt elektronik”. These two pairs:

Those prices are much higher than I would expect for 18650s, but both of those sets of batteries should work in a uConsole. I was wondering how many batteries you fried if you spent 40 euros.

I’d email to get a replacement power supply board.

I didn’t have great luck with the LG MJ1s. They worked, powered the device and charged fine, but I had disappointing battery life. I might have had a bad cell. I replaced them with a pair of Samsung 35Es, which have been rock solid. Easily over seven hours of battery life.

Just 4 batteries. Where do you buy your batteries?

Thanks, I will reach out to the clockworkpi team. I will write here if I have any news on that.

Yeah, that’s the first I’ve heard of someone’s uConsole or DevTerm frying batteries, much less repeatedly.

I ordered my batteries from 18650BatteryStore(dot)com, where you can get decent cells for $3 to $5, but shipping to Europe would probably cost more than ordering from the supplier you linked.

I’m sure there are better deals to be had though. 18650s are not expensive batteries.

I would rather suggest you as a good, cheap and reliable 18650 seller, located in Europe with shipping to germany. Its better to buy here because reichelt is to expensive.

I talked to the support and I will get a replacement for the main board and the battery module.

And my temporary solution is a 3d-printed version of the back of the uConsole with a lid to access the batteries with ease to charge them externally.

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