Upgrading a uConsole R01

Thanks to all the information gleaned from the forums. Based on the information I ordered a RPI CM4 Adapter for DevTerm & CPI v3.14 (https://www.clockworkpi.com/product-page/rpi-cm4-adapter-for-devterm-cpi-v3-14). and a CM4 108000 board from Mouser Electronics. The current OS needed for the CM4 upgrade was downloaded, unzipped and installed on a SanDisk 32 GB sd card using Balena Etcher. It took about 10 minutes to open up the uconsole install the new CM4 adapter board (after watching the ETA Prime video to make sure everything was plugged in correctly) and switch out the sd cards. I turned on the uConsole, booted the new Raspberry OS and completed the installation. Even though I ordered the wrong device to begin with I was able to easily upgrade the unit and am now running with 8GB memory. This device rocks!! Thanks again to all the members of the forum.